Teach Yourself CoursesOur TEACH YOURSELF ADVANCED OFFICE manuals feature popular globally recognised qualifications, which include advanced features of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint applications.  Manuals cover the ECDL Advanced (European Computer Driving Licence), ICDL Advanced (International Computer Driving Licence) and ITQ Advanced (Information Technology Qualifications) syllabuses, which are set to level 3 (A-level in UK) standards.


Learners can purchase manuals by ordering a paperback version (via Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and CreateSpace) or downloading a PDF version (LULU). All sales include FREE access to our Members' Area for 12 Months (after which their account is closed, with no additional fees incurred). The Members' Area offers resources such as application tips, exam tips, shortcut keys list, links to the official sample tests, career tools and related job search facilities. Paperback versions starting from £6.99 and PDF versions from just £5.60 per unit (examinations not included).


Units available:



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