Why Study?

Learning a new skill can seem a laborious task that is a gamble both financially and socially. So why undertake new learning opportunities, the simple answer is adaptability. Just like everything else in life employers need to adjust to progress; this factor is made even more vital with ever changing technology based at the heart of the modern workplace. Therefore employees will always need to update or add new skills to their repertoire to enhance their productivity and become a valued asset to their current employers. By updating or learning new skills you significantly enhance the chances of a pay rise or promotion within your current employment or become an attractive investment to potential new employers.


What to Study?

There is an abundance of training opportunities available to learners, for the purpose of this article we are focusing on the technology sector. ICT (Information Technology Communication) now globally forms an integral part of most occupations. ICT skills include using software applications that are used in 99% of businesses. Out of the software applications currently used (Sep 2013) the Microsoft Office Suite is the global leader with common programs such as Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint part of both our personal and professional lives.


What Qualification?

ICT skills are in demand and forecast to rise to at least 2020, so finding the right certification that suites your financial and personal circumstances is fundamental. Desired qualifications such as ECDL Advanced and ICDL Advanced are globally recognised and are set as an ICT prerequisite benchmark by many leading companies and governments alike. The ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) and ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) hold the same syllabuses (UK learners can also gain ITQ Advanced, Information Technology Qualifications) and qualifications can incorporate popular software applications including the Microsoft Office Suite. Certifications have three ability levels, 1 (beginner), 2 (intermediate) and 3 (advanced). ECDL Advanced and ICDL Advanced certifications are considered sought-after by employers as they are set to A Level (Level 3) standards and show the holder has a high level of competence in the application (Microsoft Office Suites) studied advanced features.


ECDL Advanced, ICDL Advanced & ITQ Advanced Courses

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