Lords Select Committee - News ReportThe UK is at a tipping point: The country is not addressing its significant digital skills shortage and an incoming Government urgently needs to resolve this, a Lords report warns today. The Digital Skills Committee also highlights the impact of changing technology on the labour market, with an estimated 35% of UK jobs at risk of being automated over the next 20 years.


The report, entitled "Make or Break: The UK's Digital Future", urges the incoming Government to seize the opportunity to secure the UK’s place as a global digital leader by, among other things:

  • Making digital literacy a core subject at school, alongside English and Maths;
  • Viewing the internet as important as a utility, accessible to all;
  • Putting a single ‘Digital Agenda’ at the heart of Government.


The report also noted that there are certain sectors of society, and UK regions, falling behind at great cost to the economy; and that industry has a vital role to play in developing the right skills in the workplace, in further and higher education, and in schools.

The report also found that there is a distinct lack of Government coordination on digital initiatives – the current digital 'activity' within Government includes four Government Ministers, a Taskforce, a Committee, and a Unit. The Committee cites this as glaring evidence for creating a single Digital Agenda driven by one Cabinet Minister.

News Source - Lords Select Committee - 17th February 2015



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