ICT Careers 2018

The increasing investment in the UK IT industry for both public and private sectors, means 150,000 new jobs are estimated to be created over the next decade. This investment will mean the UK IT industry will experience a severe skills shortage in IT sectors. Starting a new career in IT can reap big rewards, with the average starting salary for someone going into a large IT corporation at about £28,500 a year. In the modern workplace technology is at the heart of most companies, with IT careers available in almost every type of organisation, from small design agencies to large retail firms, as well as the IT industry itself.


ICT Careers Report

KPMG reports indicate the ICT (Information Communication Technology) industry globally appears upbeat and generally favourable for increases in private sector investment this view is shared by a report prepared for the European Commission which indicates that 90% of jobs will need e-skills. The European Commission report states that number of ICT practitioners in 2007 for Europe was 4.7 million this amount is forecasted to reach 5.26 million by this year. Overall this signifies jobs for highly-qualified ICT candidates are expected to rise by 16 million between now and 2020.


ICT Careers - Weekly Earnings


  • Communications - £690
  • IT - £780
  • ICT Total - £780
  • ICT Services - £760
  • ICT Manufacturing - £700


ICT Courses

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