Microsoft Word

Advanced Word

Learn complex features of Microsoft Word including, Mail Merge, Macros, Document Security, Fields, Forms, Master Documents, Linking embedded data, Modifying a Template, Delete/Add Automatic Text Entries, Paragraph Styles, Column Layouts, Footnotes, Endnotes etc...


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Microsoft Excel

Advanced Excel

Learn complex features of Microsoft Excel including, Macros, Text Formatting, Hyperlinks Multi-Functions, Scenarios Document Security, Charts, Merging Spreadsheets, Absolute Cell Referencing, Conditional Formatting, Advanced Formatting, Tracking Changes, Pivot Tables etc...


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Microsoft Access

Advanced Access

Learn complex features of Microsoft Access including, Formatting Fields, Importing Data, Exporting Data, Command Buttons, Function, Report Fields, Macros, Queries, Subform, Subreport, Control Properties, Form Controls, Report Fields, Relationships, Tabs, Form Properties etc...


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Microsoft PowerPoint

Advanced PowerPoint

Learn complex features of Microsoft PowerPoint including, 3D Styles, Slide Transitions, Action Settings, Hyperlinks, Motion Paths, Image Manipulation, Animation, Inserting a Movie, Link and Embed External Data, Custom Show, Master Slide, Pen Annotations, Templates etc…


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